Eschelon Merchant Services ISOs & Agent Program

Are you looking for a new payment processor to partner with? Bring your merchants to EMS and experience what a difference our innovative technology and best in class customer service will do for the growth of your business. Whether you are an independent agent or running a fully functioning ISO, we have a customized program that will increase your sales and allow you to earn more money. Not only will you be able to take advantage of competitive residual splits with revenue sharing on all interchange levels, you will also be able to increase your revenues with our ever-growing list of proprietary products and services.


Sign up today and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Industry’s leading portfolio management tool with the ability to create sub-agents and track their residuals. Perfect for the one man agent office or the large ISO. Our technology gives you the tools to streamline your operations.
  • Competitive residual splits & revenue sharing on all interchange levels
  • Proprietary virtual terminal & POS system
  • Proprietary iPod & iPhone processing application
  • Multiple payment platforms
  • Split fund relationship with over 10 Merchant Cash Advance companies
  • Dedicated agent support staff
  • Multiple leasing options
  • Tier I (low risk) & Tier II (high risk) processing solutions
  • No risk or liability
  • Merchant account approvals within 3 hours
  • Non-Exclusive agent agreements
  • Competitive residual buyout options
  • Free website for generating leads


Our Agent / ISO program is suited best for those who have previous experience in the credit card processing industry. We do provide ongoing training and sales support but require that you know the basics of the industry.


One of the greatest benefits of partnering with Eschelon is our Portfolio Management and Boarding System:
With this advanced tool you are able to:


  • Submit application and Track Status of your new applications
  • Fast application Decisions (same day approvals)
  • Check Customer Service, Risk, and Underwriting Notes on all of your merchants
  • Track daily processing volume, ACH’s, chargeback’s, and other indicators on your entire portfolio
  • Run detailed compensation analysis on an individual merchant to assess profitability
  • Create and manage sub portfolio’s for your down line agents
  • Submit and track customer service tickets


All your most important statistics in one easy to read dashboard:


  • Track your 12 month rolling processing volume & boarding figures
  • See a breakdown of your portfolio by business type, SIC code, & statuses
  • See boarding & financial statistics
  • View your top 25 merchants by volume
  • Important information you need at your finger tips




State of the art pipeline management


  • Submit your applications online
  • Track your approved, pended, and declined merchants
  • Convert applications to PDF to email or fax to your merchants
  • Track deals by sales reps or sub portfolios







Detailed Reporting for your portfolio


  • See previous merchant statements
  • Run reports on individual merchants or entire portfolio for any specified time period
  • Online Residual Reporting with drill down access to see every level of income and expenses
  • View customer service, risk , and underwriting notes with a click of a button
  • Submit & track customer service tickets







Everything you need to expand and manage your business:


  • Industry leading online portfolio management system
  • Cutting edge technology for you and your merchants
  • Top ranked customer service
  • Aggressive revenue sharing splits
  • Training & support to expand your business
  • Call Us Today: 1-877-449-4285

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